Greens & Needles

minuscule bugs of light crawl up my arms and into my eyes, I expand a dot into a thought even though I know it is in vain – for two words ago the whole process began all over again Advertisements

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Buttermilk: homescapes (ii)

my grandfather believed in a steady diet of buttermilk; mid-morning and post-lunch, and 11 AM sees little flecks of buttermilk flying every which way as someone turns the churner this way and that, in the special vessel – a mountain with a removable lid, but it holds love instead of lava – the chaas finds […]

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Tea Time: homescapes (i)

I was born into a family where tea ran as fuel in the veins of my parents and my grandparents twice a day, sometimes twice a morning and 8 AM saw guests of high intellect or cassette tapes and fresh chapatis or mint leaves and the newspaper but always tea with spices ground at home […]

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Conservative Repetition

succinct sentences succinct sentences that bite like a rabid bitch that bite like a rabid bitch into an old wound that has become a new wound an old wound that is a new wound that bleeds like a hosepipe with one finger over it that bleeds like the water that flies back into the void […]

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you talk about orange pebbles I wonder where they’re found I can’t believe i’m still listening to that treacherous ticking sound   it sits with me in english class the definition of a poet until I have to get up and walk to resist the urge to do it   look, there’s no hook and […]

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